Therapeutic Services Offered by Middle Way Counseling and Consulting, St. Louis

I offer a variety of different types of therapeutic services to people who want to bring positive change to their lives. I can work with you one-on-one or as a couple or family at a pace that is comfortable and still moves you toward your goals.

Individual therapy

Individual therapy at Middle Way is collaborative in the sense that we work together to help you uncover and deal with the underlying causes that contribute to your depression, anxiety, interpersonal conflicts, low self-esteem, and other mental health challenges.

By understanding the roots of these painful patterns and developing the tools to help you cope with them, you can become empowered to change your life and relationships.

Marriage Counseling, Couples Therapy & Family Therapy

People often use couples counseling when their relationship is in trouble or their marriage is ending, however, therapy has a great deal more to offer if you or your family are in transition.

Every stage of life – having children, career change, illness, aging, parents or adult children moving into your home – brings new challenges and stressors that impact your sense of self, your functioning, and your relationships.

Divorce Coaching

From feelings of anger and betrayal to pain and deep sadness, divorce is an emotional rollercoaster. Divorce coaching can help you get through the process and find the strength to pick up the pieces and begin rebuilding your life.

It can be difficult to move forward when you are carrying a burden of anger, blame, and shame. At Middle Way Counseling and Consulting, we can explore these emotions in a safe and nonjudgmental environment.

Parent Coaching

For parents coping with difficult parenting situations, I provide coaching and guidance. Here are some of the situations where parent coaching is helpful:

  • Your child is acting out and you don’t know how to handle him/her.
  • Your child is cutting, abusing alcohol or other substances, or engaging in other harmful activities.
  • You are raising a child with special needs.
  • Your child is diagnosed with an eating disorder.
  • Your adult child is having difficulty launching or has returned home.

This type of therapy is designed to help you improve communications, set limits and find a balance between caregiving and self-care. Sessions are structured to meet the needs of the oldest and youngest participants. For example, when young children are present, the session may include therapeutic play.

Treatment for the Family

Divorce is not something that happens just to you; it has an impact on your whole family. For this reason, many of my divorce clients need help with:

  • Telling children about the divorce and helping them cope.
  • The unique challenges of single parenting, co-parenting or even co-grandparenting.
  • Finding the “new normal” in regards to holidays, school and family functions.
  • How to blend families if or when one of you gets remarried.

High Conflict Case Consultation for Attorneys, School Counselors, Therapists & Other Professionals

It is well documented that high conflict or complicated clients are more likely to sue or file a complaint with the Missouri Bar Association, school board or other professional organization. As a licensed therapist with expertise in understanding and treating difficult or resistant clients, I can help you mitigate your risk. Generally, when attorneys and mental health professionals say a client is high conflict or complicated, they may be working with someone suffering from a personality disorder. In these cases, I can offer one-time or ongoing consultation.


I offer strategic and effective approaches for depositions and cross-examinations with high conflict clients. I also offer guidance and support in dealing with some of the mental health and emotional challenge that may arise during the case.  

Mental Health Professionals

If you’ve been working with a client and feel stuck, or you’ve not seen progress, and you feel there may be an underlying personality disorder, I offer diagnostic assessments, case management, and case termination assistance.

Workshops & Training Events for Attorneys & Other Professionals Working With High Conflict Clients

I can conduct group events for legal teams, school counselors, therapists, and other professionals who handle high conflict clients or who find themselves in complicated, unpredictable or antagonistic situations.

At these sessions, you will learn to identify the red flags that indicate a possible personality disorder. You’ll learn the best practices and techniques for working in these kinds of situations. After the class, you will have the tools you need to improve communication and work more effectively with high conflict clients.

Recently conducted workshops and training events have included:

  • Understanding Teen Cutting.
  • Identifying Warning Signs and Finding Effective Treatments.
  • Attorney Risk Management for High Conflict Clients.
  • Personality Disorders From the Inside Out.

Custom courses can be developed to meet the needs of your team. Please contact me to discuss.